Scheduling Rules

Governmental rules

EZShift enables full compliance with local regulations and laws. Define and set rules for all schedules, so you don't have to worry a scheduler may violate local labor or employment rules by mistake.  

EZ Shift- המערכת המובילה בעולם לניהול עובדים במשמרות, שיבוץ כח אדםץ סידור עבודה
EZ Shift- המערכת המובילה בעולם לניהול עובדים במשמרות, שיבוץ כח אדםץ סידור עבודה

Organizational rules

Make sure schedules comply with all internal rules and policies, so you never have to worry whether a trade shift or scheduling change goes against organizational rules.  

Managers' rules

Managers know their teams best. Rules are set according to managers' insights and knowledge, so the right teams are in place, all the time.

EZ Shift- המערכת המובילה בעולם לניהול עובדים במשמרות, שיבוץ כח אדםץ סידור עבודה

Our Customers


The systems provides us with proper scheduling management, transparency, and peace of mind. It saves us time by automatically complying with scheduling rules nad providing us withdirect and easy communication with employees. Our work schedule management has become more efficient and faster.

Moshe - Call Center Manager - Shahal

Scheduling workers and managing attendance at the airport is a complex and multifaceted challenge. Many factors need to work in full synchronization - flight schedules, staff availability, multi-tasks during shifts, employee certification, customer demand, and more. With EZShift, we can manage employee scheduling, tasks, and attendance in a transparent and accurate manner, and save on manpower costs. We've been receiving professional, courteous, and prompt service from EZShift for years.

Iris - VP HR, QAS

EZShift provides us with a simple and efficient tool to manage all the departments across our organization. With their smooth interface, we are able to transfer the work schedule to additional operating systems, and they always make great effort to meet our specific requirements.

Ira - IT Manager, Bazan Group

Managing employee scheduling at a hospital is complex - it differs across departments, requires people on standby, and frequently there are special shifts. Critically, it must also comply with internal and external regulations and polices. EZShift brought order to our shift scheduling, providing us with a broader picture regarding manpower and scheduling across departments. Their service team is always available, professional, and courteous.

Eran - IT Manager, Soroka hospital

Working with EZshift improves our communication and transparency with employees. The option for shift scheduling on weekends helps provide a balanced work schedule, so all employees are equally satisfied. Since working with EZshift, we know the work schedule is balanced and it helps keep our employees happy.

Itamar - Work-schedule Manager, Mobileye

As a large company with hundreds of employees across many locations, we must be very precise in our employee scheduling - assigning employees and making sure we abide by all labor rules, especially regarding employment of minors. EZShift allows us to manage shift scheduling, planning employee transportation, and the implementation of our work schedules in an efficient, orderly manner.

Hezi - VP Finance, Cinema City

EZShift made it easy for us to assign 350 service representatives for shifts, breaks, time-off permits, etc. EZshift's team is always positive and professional to work with, and they made sure to meet all of our requirments. Thank you!

Neta, Call Center Manager, Harel

EZshift allows us to create continuous communication with employees, while still maintaining the needs of the restaurant and managing employee availability. It helps us create a professional, efficient, and stable experience for our employees - and the results are reflected in employee attendance and the general atmosphere of the restaurant.

Gil - Owner, Hudson restaurant

Thanks to EZShift, interfacing with our payroll software is much more efficient and convenient. Our communication with employees across different sites has never been better, and the EZShift team always provide pleasant service!

Katya - Operations Manager, Team3

It's important for us to work efficiently in a way that maximizes the delivery of our therapeutic care. Without a doubt, working with EZShift helps us manage our scheduling in a more efficient manner. Their customer service team is always kind, available, and works hard to fulfill our needs.

Avishay - CEO, Guy Group

We manage several service centers and have many employees. With the help of EZShift and its smart scheduling rules, we are able to define employees' schedules in accordance with work agreements and allow for versatility in the work schedule - all while maintaining the organization's requirements. The app makes it easy for continuous communication with employees and the client service is simply excellent!

Shai - Call Center Operations Manager, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank

EZ Shift- המערכת המובילה בעולם לניהול עובדים במשמרות, שיבוץ כח אדםץ סידור עבודה

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EZ Shift- המערכת המובילה בעולם לניהול עובדים במשמרות, שיבוץ כח אדםץ סידור עבודה