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Will deleting an employee also delete him/her from historical schedules?
No, all data concerning schedules is saved regardless of the employee's status.  
The EZShift application doesn't load. I get a message that there is a problem connecting the server, what should I do?
When working with the EZShift application, you must be connected to the internet; this message indicates that there is no connection to the internet or that the connection is somehow blocked (possibly due to antivirus or firewall).
My employee forgot his password, how can I retrieve it?
First your employee can get his/hers password using the "Forgot your password" link on our website, furthermore, you can reset the employee password on the "employees" screen in the application clicking the login details link under the employee name.
How do I publish the schedule to my staff?
Just click on the 'publish' button and that is it. We like to keep things simple.
Can I install the EZShift software at home?
Yes, go to this link and insert your e-mail and company code. Following this you will receive an email with the installation guide and code (only for the system admin).
How can I change next week's shift template?
It's simple: You can make simple changes on the template just by 'right clicking' on the selected shift of the entire  day and you will find an easy to use menu. You can add, modify or delete shifts.  
How can I manually schedule an employee to a specific shift?
No problem, just drag the employee's name from the employee name list and drop his or her name to the specific shift
How can I print the schedule?
You can go to the 'reports' tab on the right side of the main screen and select 'schedule printout''
How do I send an e-mail from the EZShift software?
In order to send an e-mail you should go to the 'communicate' button located on the top of the main working screen.

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