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"It's a win-win situation both for my employees and myself"


Our software is smart & simple: It combines the sophistication and edge of its rule system engine and algorithms with the clearness and simplicity of its user-friendly interface. EZShift: Smart, simple – and EZ. EZShift offers scheduling solutions for small and medium size businesses. Our architecture combines web accessibility application with the convenience and strength of a software application and has been used in a variety of industries such as emergency services, call centers, factories,hospitals, hotels, restaurants etc. EZShift runs on two inter-connected platforms - a shift manager platform and a shift employee platform:

The shift manager platform

consists of a shift organizing software that can be installed on every Windows OS computer anywhere. This application – easy to install and to run -allows the shift manager to set and edit the shift schedule of his/her division: An integrated system of personalized rules set by the shift manager enables one to customize the shift schedule according to the specific needs of the company. An algorithmic rule engine applies these rules automatically to the whole shift schedule. This automatic scheduling completely eliminates mistakes and shift conflicts. You can apply rule relaxation, meaning that you can break your own rules, if needed. If you violate a rule, a pop-up will appear informing you of the planned violation. The system does not limit you in any way. The shift manager platform also allows you to coordinate the shift scheduling with the employees. In addition, the interface recommends solution in real-time to acute problems. Different display possibilities are proposed enabling you to see the shifts and the work force according to employee, hour, shift, weekly schedule, bi-weekly schedule or monthly schedule. In addition, there is the option to print operational reports and to have a backup of past schedules. Finally, the shift manager has different channels of communication with the shift crew: an Email-system integrated into the system, update of swap system and a system of updates, questionnaire and training.

The shift employee platform

is a web application for the shift crew. It enables the employees to take an activepart in creating their schedule according to their preferences. With EZShift, the responsibility of finding a replacement is passed on to the employees. Employees enter their preferences through the site. All that is left for the shift manager is to approve it. The platform is available to the employees anywhere, 24/7. Each employee receives a personal username and password with which he/she can enter his/her preferences for shifts, swap shifts and request changes in his/her shift. In addition, employees can communicate with each other through the shift employee platform, whereby the shift manager is instantly updated on their requests. Approved requests are implemented immediately in the whole shift scheduling application (both platforms) through automatic update. In addition, the shift employee platform allows the shift manager to communicate with his/her employees through an integrated system of email, through which the shift manager can conduct internal surveys and questionnaires, training and inform the shift crew about company updates.

Is EZShift right for my company ?

EZShift is right for every company that operates under shifts. Our clients come from a large variety of fields including hospitality, industry, customer service, and many more. With EZShift, you can set your shift schedule quickly, easily and without mistakes or shift conflcts. Moreover, you can instantly update your employees' shifts online.


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EZShift is the golden mean between the low end and the high end of shift scheduling software


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