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"Not only does EZShift save me a lot of time while making the schedule, it also reduces hassle dealing with problems during the week thanks to the amazing swap system."

General FAQ's

Is EZShift right for me and my company?
EZShift is right for every company with shift employees. Our clients come from a large variety of fields, including hospitality, industry, customer service and hospitals, to just name a few. With EZShift, you can set your shift schedule quickly, easily and without mistakes or shift conflicts. And you can instantly update your employees' shifts online.
Do I need previous knowledge to operate your system?
No. EZShift is smart & simple: Its rule system reflects the very specific needs of your company and the preferences of your employees. At the same time, it is very simple to set it up, to use it and to make changes.
Can my employees enter their schedule requests over the web?
It is EZ; each employee can enter his/her requests through the EZShift web portal. It can be done anywhere any time.
Can EZShift "understand" my scheduling needs?
Yes, EZShift will fit your specific needs. We have a team of experts that will be more than happy to guide you on how to get the most out of the software.
Does EZShift help me reduce mistakes?
Of course! EZShift eliminates all mistakes with its complete set of smart rules and alert system.  
Can I make manual changes to the schedule?
Yes, EZShift enables manual changes in the schedule; furthermore, it helps you find smart solutions and prevents you from making mistakes. Manual changes are made EZ using 'drag and drop' capability.
Does EZShift schedule the employees automatically to their shift?
Yes, EZShift is an automatic shift scheduling software. EZShift takes into consideration the needs of the organization and the employee's job definition and availability.

Version oriented FAQ's

How does EZShift work?
EZShift runs on two inter-connected platforms - A shift manager platform and a shift employee platform: The shift manager platform consists of a shift organizing software that allows the shift manager to set and edit the shift schedule of his division. The shift employee platform is a web application for the shift crew. It enables the employees to take an active part in creating their schedule according to their preferences.
What are the different EZShift packages?
The Lite Package supports manual shift scheduling with real-time problem solution, error elimination and basic operational reports. The Basic Package enables automatic shift scheduling, swap system, full rule engine and rule relaxation. The Professional Package has a four-display breakdown, supports an update, training and questionnaire system, extended operational reports and overtime regulation. The Premium Package enables log reports, organizational skin and system setting management. And, of course, the sophisticated packages have all the features of the simpler packages.
How much does it cost?
There are four different packages that you can acquire: Lite, Basic, Professional and Premium. Prices start at $50 a month and vary based on the features you need as well as the number of employees in your organization. Please refer to our pricing section to calculate your total cost.
Can the employees swap shifts online?
Yes. The basic, professional, and premium versions include a fully integrated swap system. The employees can swap shifts on-line and you, the manager, only need to confirm it.
Can I generate reports and print information?
Yes, the basic report package comes with all the important operational reports and by upgrading to the professional or premium versions; you can get the extended reports package for even more options.

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