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Employee Scheduling Software

There are many kinds of scheduling software out there and each one is slightly different, some are standalone software installed on a computer, some are web based application and some are a combination of the two, a web interface for the employees and a computer scheduling app for the tougher calculations.

The Need for a Shift Scheduling Software

The need arises from the nature of the task, it is not easy to create a schedule and many who deal with it have trouble keeping track of overtime, following all the rules and policies they need to consider, keeping the schedule fair and preventing human error. With larger schedules there are difficulties to control all the guidelines and to maintain interaction with the employees and their availability.

What Should a Scheduling Software Comprise?

Peripheral Features 

While some neglect to look for it, some of the peripheral features of a scheduling software are the ones that will save your day. Online access for your employees to the schedule is a key, if they can see their shifts from any browser, computer, tablet or a smartphone, they are less likely to miss a shift. Seeing the schedule is just the beginning, the employees should be able to request shift trades and find their replacement, leaving the manager only with the task of approving it. Collecting the staff availability is one of the most time consuming task a manager can deal with, if the staff can submit their limitations online to be read by the software, the responsibility shifts to the employee and the manager just monitors it. In order to create a complete solution and keeping track of all the trades and daily communication an internal mail system can come in handy. If a software integrate all these features it can save a lot of time and money to both the company and the employees.

The Heart of the Scheduling Software

The engine of the scheduling software is the most important one, this is where the schedule is built and it should be capable of doing all the things you want it to. A key feature the engine should offer is Automatic Schedule, while many software offer to manage your schedule, very few actually generate it automatically. Moreover, software that advertise themselves as "schedule in 1 second” usually forget to mention that they have a very limited calculation. A good software should be able to run your schedule the way you would as a manager and even better. The more rules and policies you have the longer the process takes, if you need to make sure, for example, that your employees will not work two night shifts in a row and will not work on days they asked not to and that on each shift you have at least one experienced staff and all that without putting overtime and not working more than one weekend per month, your software should run for a few good minutes when generating the schedule. Once you have your schedule the software should "watch your back” by recommending you with the best fit for a replacement and having an error elimination system that cross checks your rules live and alerts you when you are about to break them.

Your shift scheduling software should be the one that can perform all of these key features and tasks, having a software that can only do most of the things and you have to manually monitor it and adjust Might ease the communication with your employees but might not save you much time working on your schedule.

Matan Levanon
Account Manager @EZShift
Does EZShift produce operational reports?
EZShift allows you to generate a wide range of operational reports: request summary, general shift report, shift report by employee, hourly summary report and LOG-report, which tracks changes. That gives you a clear picture of your company, employees, and shifts.

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Manual Shift Scheduling
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